Homosexual placement in twins: A report on 61 sets and three triplet designs

Homosexual placement in twins: A report on 61 sets and three triplet designs


Double frames which a minimum of one dual happens to be homosexual are solicited through notices inside gay media and personal word-of-mouth from 1980 to the current. An 18-page questionnaire on “sexuality of twins” had been completed by either twins. Thirty-eight couples of monozygotic twins (34 male pairs and 4 feminine sets) had been found to own a concordance speed of 65.8per cent for homosexual placement. Twenty-three frames of dizygotic twins happened to be discover to enjoy a concordance price of 30.4percent for homosexual orientation. On top of that, three models of triplets happened to be collected. Two units consisted of some monozygotic twins concordant for intimate direction employing the third triplet dizygotic and discordant for homosexual placement. A third triplet ready got monozygotic for all three concordant for homosexual placement. These conclusions become construed as supporting the discussion for a biological foundation in intimate positioning.

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