Case Study

Skyrocket Your Campaign's CTR with a 95% Surge in 14 Days!


Our client operates a motivational content website featuring auto-play videos. The primary goal is to drive relevant traffic to the website. Emphasizing measurable outcomes over generic metrics, such as Click-through-rate (CTR) and Ad Interactions, became a key focus.


The challenge was to drive website traffic and boost the video engagement. The emphasis was on concrete outcomes rather than traditional performance metrics.


To tackle this challenge, a comprehensive A/B testing strategy was implemented. Tests were conducted on creative size, audience category, device, and environment type. The objective of the a/b tests was to narrow down targeting, and create separate entities which will help to engage the most relevant and interested users.


The campaigns exceeded expectations, achieving a Click-through Rate 4X above the market average. Notably, there was a substantial increase in traffic to the landing page, indicating the success of the targeted engagement strategies.